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This is Curiosity, Sparked.

Children are born innately creative and curious. At KLA Academy, that wonder never stops growing. We protect and celebrate childhood, inspiring students from early childhood through grade five to become dynamic thinkers, creative collaborators, and motivated learners who follow their passions to remarkable learning outcomes. 

This is a school unlike any other, and it’s designed for the way children learn best. Ready to experience education reimagined?

student researching and drawing leaves

This is Childhood, Understood.

Our approach begins with a child’s unique learning journey, yet is grounded in decades of research, science, and design. The philosophy originates from Reggio Emilia, Italy, and a pioneering group of educators who believed school should honor the rights and opinions of each child. 

As one of the most respected Reggio Emilia-inspired schools in the region, KLA Academy aims to transform school into a place where children develop their own strengths and channel their innate curiosity to become more compassionate, conscientious and resilient young people.

teacher conferencing with 5th grade students

This is Learning, Lived.

We believe in a school environment designed to match the different stages of youth development. Our learning studios are intentionally curated to invite students into the act of creation, and they make our campus a model of innovative learning design. 

From supporting preschoolers as they discover their sense of self, to empowering fifth graders to master both independent and group work, KLA Academy’s hands-on experiences provoke deep thinking and encourage big questions.

three nido children working together with clay in the plaza space - zoomed out

Meet Our Community

Step inside KLA Academy and you’ll see the difference. Here, students, staff, teachers, and parents connect as a diverse community of friends, classmates, and role models. Both young and old learn together, wondering daily about the properties of the universe, the beauty and science of light, the physics of motion, and one’s place in the wider world.


My school makes me feel very welcome and loved.


KLA Academy has provided a supportive and encouraging environment for our children.


I love that at KLA Academy, we teach through real life, and we listen to what children are interested in.


KLA Academy is a school where I felt free to express my thoughts and where I experienced so many memories!


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