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Investing in Your Child's Future

When you make the choice to invest in a KLA Academy education, you're not just choosing a school – you are choosing to transform your child's future.

Our commitment is to ensure that every student is not only recognized and challenged but also inspired within a vibrant academic setting guided by our passionate faculty.

At KLA Academy, we provide students with invaluable opportunities to engage with their community and develop the confidence to express their unique voice and talents.

Detailed Schedule of
Tuition & Fees


Program 2024-2025 Annual Tuition
Baby Nido (Infants) $24,550      Full Day
Nido  &  Pre-K2

$16,870       Part-Time
$20,520      Full-Time

Pre-K3  &  Pre-K4

$20,520      Full-Time

Kindergarten - 5th Grade $24,160       Full-Time
Fees 2024-2025 Annual Fees
Enrollment Fee                                          $1,560       Preschool
$1,770        Elementary     
New Student Fee

$810           Preschool & Elementary

Materials Fee

$940          Preschool
$1,150         Elementary

Snack & Lunch Program $2,860       Preschool & Elementary 

Parent Association (PAK)

$90            Preschool & Elementary     
Graduation Fee $260          5th Grade Only

Financial Assistance

Families in our Elementary program are welcome to apply for Financial Aid through  FASTAid.

Prospective Elementary families should complete their admission and financial aid applications simultaneously. Be advised that applications for financial aid are only reviewed once a student's application to the school is complete.

Both parents/guardians must complete the financial aid application. In case of divorce, each parent/household must complete the financial aid application and send in all required documents.

Prospective Elementary families whose admission and financial aid applications have been completed will be notified of their award in the acceptance letter. 

Please note that financial aid awards are towards tuition only (not fees) for each school year, and requires reapplying every year as families believe they continue to qualify.  


For tuition assistance questions, please call 305-377-0391 or email