Baby Nido (3 – 12 months)

From the moment your child arrives at KLA, s/he will be surrounded by positive relationships with peers as well as adults.

Thanks to the pioneering work and support of our network of KLA Schools, our educators are highly skilled at creating an environment that nurtures meaningful social encounters, and fostering trust-filled relationships. Not only do our educators soothe and nurture children, they support and build a sense of confidence by responding quickly and appropriately to their natural cues.

In our program, your child will begin to imitate sounds s/he hears and experiment with different facial expressions like smiling and frowning. As children begin to communicate not only through facial expressions but also through pointing, raising hands and making movements and sounds, our educators respond attentively to engage with the child’s movements, sounds, and expressions.

In addition, our educators prepare daily opportunities for your child to challenge themselves physically and develop gross motor skills. It is a time when children reach many milestones whether it’s turning over, sitting, crawling, standing, or maybe even taking their first steps. We also provide the children with multiple sensorial experiences with materials such as clay, paint, sand, light, shadows, and many more to explore.

As a result of all this close attention and support, your child’s memory and attention span will increase in the months ahead, fueling their cognitive development by consistently being exposed to human interactions, and preparing them for the long learning journey to come.