First Grade

At KLA Academy, first graders start to see reading and writing as tools for sharing theories, thoughts, and ideas. They use these competencies to work towards goals, express feelings, and connect with others. As one of the top elementary schools in Miami, we help children thrive and excel in the classroom and beyond.

The reading process in first grade varies with every child. Some enter this level as fluent readers, while others begin transitioning from pre-reading to building crucial language skills in reading, spelling, and writing. At our private elementary schools in Miami, your child will participate in a variety of experiences, such as listening to stories, working in small guided reading groups, writing their own stories for our school’s Young Author’s Workshop, and reading books silently. First graders also develop fluency and stronger reading comprehension skills by discussing the stories that they read and gaining a deeper understanding of the variety of texts they encounter.

In math, our research-based approach focuses on guiding children in seeing relationships within mathematics and the other fields of knowledge. As a result, they will acquire mathematical knowledge in an integrated, useful way focusing on essential areas such as understanding of addition and subtraction strategies, whole number relationships and place value, measurement, and attributes of geometric shapes.

Additionally, students will get an introduction to history, geography, and culture by studying our country’s traditions. They will have the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of living and non-living things and how they are essential parts of our daily lives. They will begin to master basic locomotor and non-locomotor skills and concepts. They will become familiar with the computer keyboard and Internet website navigation. They will use multimedia tools to support their projects, as well as other programs that will expose them to the use of technology for robotic exploration, programming, researching, and problem-solving purposes.

And they will feel the joy of creating music, making art, and speaking more confidently in a foreign language.