Fourth Grade

Students in fourth grade read with a higher level of fluency and expression, further developing their comprehension of text. They write pieces focusing on cause and effect,  apply their reading skills to understand challenging fiction and non-fiction text, and write summaries, essays, and research papers. 

In math, students use their computation skills to solve multi-step word problems,  extend their understanding of fractions, and compute faster and with greater accuracy. In science, they conduct experiments, further their inquiry skills, and participate in their first Science Fair.

In social studies, they develop a deeper understanding of geography and how it affects a community, and expand their comprehension of civics and government. And in technology and engineering, our fourth graders engage in strengthening skills and techniques that support the process of problem-solving in daily life – recognizing a problem, forming theories, applying the practice, and determining the most efficient solution.  

Musically, they are exposed to complex auditory training exercises. Linguistically, they begin to deepen their understanding of grammar and parts of speech —  in both English and Spanish. And artistically, they strengthen their techniques in painting, clay, wire, and photography as they study artists from different cultures and time periods.