As children turn three, their verbal language becomes a powerful tool they use to express themselves. During this vital year, scribbles begin to appear more like symbols and evolve into letters. As this process continues, children may string several of these “written letters” together to form words. Our teachers continuously provide the children with the age-appropriate tools to foster this interest.

This is also the stage when children begin to exchange knowledge and engage in conversations. While your child learns new words and fine-tunes their articulation, they communicate in simple sentences, initiate conversations, display a desire to talk about their interests, and relate personal experiences with others.

To support each child’s learning, our teachers prepare environments that encourage interactions between the children, while supporting your child as s/he begins to learn and comprehend the world of communication through writing symbols and “letters.”

Additionally, your child’s gross motor skills become stronger, which means that activities such as running, throwing or catching a ball, and dancing are a source of great joy. It is common to see our PK-3’s outside in the playground, active and happy.

Overall, your child’s identity and independence develops acutely during this stage, leading them to question everything around them by constantly asking “Why?” As a result, our PK-3 rooms feature lots of open-ended materials to support the children in developing divergent thinking, problem solving skills, and creativity.