Third Grade

KLA Elementary invites third-grade students to write more complex sentences and paragraphs, to become more independent readers, and to constantly share their insights with more detail. The strengthening of our third graders’ writing skills is visible as they write longer, more structured pieces full of details, and more sophisticated language. You will see a difference in your child’s writing from the beginning of the year to the end when you enroll them in our private elementary school in Miami.

Third grade is also a time for students to dive into more complex mathematical skills such as multiplication and division, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals, and the attributes of both two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Through hands-on experimentation, children use the scientific method to infer, inquire, and elaborate theories about their surroundings. These theories are then evaluated, revisited, and updated through investigations and projects that encourage the use of a variety of tools and materials to represent ideas through the different languages of children. By focusing on our community and the wider world, your child will begin to examine the concept of citizenship, as well as leaders and governments, and economic systems in different countries and communities. We want to expand your child’s horizons and improve their knowledge in school and the outside world. At our private elementary school in Miami, we want to help your child thrive academically with the tools we provide as well as our hands-on learning.

This is also the time that your child will begin to speak in a foreign language with more complexity and contemplate the appropriate uses of technology. In music, their understanding of rhythm and beat strengthens, and in art, they will be invited to explore the use of visual art tools and media while integrating the structural elements of art and principles of design to create artwork. Our innovative and dynamic curriculum is what makes KLA Academy one of the best private elementary schools in Miami.