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1st grade student working with clay in classroom

Our Atelier is a design space where children come to create, explore, and experience themselves. 

It is a beautiful place brimming with natural light, creativity, and curiosity. With a plethora of materials - from liquid watercolor, to graphite pencils, clay, tempera paint, and everything in between - it's a space for children to let their imaginations reign.

The Atelier is also an extension of the classroom –  the Atelieristas, or Art teachers, work as a team with homeroom teachers to deepen students’ interests and current projects. The Atelier creates connections between the classroom, the school, and the wider world. It’s a place of wonder, surprises and joy. 

portrait of Ale Gotera and Agustina Lopez, atelieristas

From left to right: Alejandra Gotera, Elementary Atelierista, and Agustina Lopez, Preschool Atelierista

I like that in the Atelier we draw a lot and do clay.  We also build different things like sculptures.  When I grow up I will be an artist. 

Mateo, 2nd Grade

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With hundreds of different materials, our Atelier is a spacious studio filled with natural light coming from our floor-to-ceiling windows. It is a workshop of discovery, where materials and experiences resonate with each other and provoke reflection and thinking.

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