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Design & Technology

2nd graders explore their lego creations in technology class

In our Design & Technology Lab, students build a foundation that prepares them for future opportunities and fosters a lifelong love of learning and innovation.

Students are encouraged to explore innovative ideas, analyze problems, and discover solutions through hands-on design and technology projects. Through increased confidence in their capabilities, students strengthen creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, which will serve them in many areas of life.

Our students improve upon their technical skills as they explore new technology, tools, and hands-on machinery, coming to better understand the world around them. KLA Academy's Design & Technology Lab provides opportunities for group projects, promoting teamwork and collaboration. 

portrait of tech teacher alex keys

Alexandra Keys, Design & Technology Teacher


I like to build cool things with technology, like legos, movies, and games. We learn new things here, I love this class!

Luca, 2nd Grade


Our Technology Program

From Kindergarten to 5th Grade, students explore the exciting world of design and technology through tools and concepts such as engineering, architecture, coding, computing, robotics, 3-D printing, photography, videography, editing, sewing, fashion design, carpentry, and more. 

Learners create their own designs and prototypes, developing motor and technical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, sparking curiosity for future endeavors. 

Offered as part of our curriculum during the academic day, students partake in Design & Technology Lab on rotation throughout the week in small groups. 

two 2nd graders film their lego creations in tech class

Explore Our Design & Tech Lab

A flexible and adaptable environment equipped with a variety of tools, materials, and technology that support students' exploration and experimentation with different design and engineering concepts. There are endless opportunities for hands-on projects in this innovative space.

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5th graders in tech class