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preschoolers sitting on the floor in music class; a girl plays the violin and a boy plays the ukelele while the others enjoy

A powerful language that ignites all areas of child development, Music offers children opportunities to explore and discover movement and sound.

Music encourages the development of the child as a whole individual. It promotes complex thinking, effective communication, aesthetic awareness, collaborative skills, and responsibility – all valuable components of a confident and self-assured child.

Our music classes are based on understanding of the diverse vocabulary, properties, and elements of music, such as melody, rhythm, harmony and expressive qualities. In our program, students are exposed to the music of various styles, eras, genres, and cultures and encouraged to express their feelings as their imagination and focus improve.

portrait of music teachers Betsy and Caro

From left to right: Betsy Consuegra, Elementary Music Teacher, and Carolina Melendez, Preschool Music Teacher 


For me, music class is important because music and sound are ways for students to connect and express their feelings.
Maria Jose, 4th Grade


Our Music Program

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Our Music Studio is an expansive space abounding with natural light and beautiful views that lends itself to the magic of music and the joy of creation. Built-in shelves and closets are filled with numerous instruments  – from common to unique – and the ceilings showcase soundproofing panels for a fully immersive and transportive musical experience.

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kindergarteners in music class