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two kindergarteners in spanish class; one is holding up the Ñ letter to the other

Learning a second language is a valuable skill that provides new opportunities and allows children to communicate in new ways.

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States and also an important language abroad. Whether your child is a native Spanish speaker refining their skills, or a non-native speaker learning Spanish for the first time, our engaging second language study offers many advantages, such as improved communicative ability, cognitive development, and cultural awareness.

portrait of Josefina and Marta, Spanish teachers

From left to right: Josefina Concha and Marta Ciudad-Collado, Spanish Teachers

Me encanta español porque puedo comunicarme con personas de más países.
I love Spanish because I can communicate with people from more countries.
Valentina, 2nd Grade

Our Spanish Program

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There are endless opportunities to do hands-on work in language courses. Our Spanish classrooms display an array of educational, fun, and relevant content designed by our students to represent their feelings. Modular desk arrangements provide flexible spaces and varying learning experiences,  allowing for optimal student engagement.

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spanish teacher playing games with students