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Our Team

Our teachers and staff provide an inimitable educational experience, tailored to the learning process of each child in their care.

Among us are teachers with backgrounds and credentials in psychology and mental health, speech and language pathology, health and fitness administration, studio arts, musical theater, gymnastics and, of course, early childhood through K-12 education, amongst many other fields.

Our Team

Our Vision

One day, every school will be designed to prepare children for the unique challenges of their future
as opposed to the familiar problems of our past.

Our Mission

Every day, we actively seek to uncover, recover, and discover the unique gifts and talents that each child possesses, in order to develop young children into the compassionate, curious, conscientious adults the world needs more of.

Our Purpose

To reimagine the structure and purpose of school for a rapidly changing world, where children find and use their own power to develop into thoughtful, caring, and curious young people.

Our Programs

Our curriculum is based on extensive research and understanding of the role of the child in their development and growth. It allows us to provide a flexible, differentiated education that provokes:

Active learning
Collaborative Work
Problem-Solving Skills
Critical Thinking
Authentic research & investigation

From our infant care program, through the preschool, Pre-K, and kindergarten programs, we prepare young children for school by helping them find their place in the wider world by fostering group collaboration and healthy relationships. Small class sizes are a mainstay of the KLA Academy program and continue into the elementary grades. Our private elementary program ensures children are prepared for middle school, high school, and beyond by providing a solid academic foundation and maintaining a balance between leading and listening.

Our Programs


Our Philosophy

KLA Academy is unlike any other school in the region - a place whose learning studios and wonder labs are designed to match the different stages of youth development.
Our students feel challenged and supported to express their emerging sense of self.
Our community prepares children with the knowledge they need to succeed, and supports their growth as kind, empathetic, resilient citizens of the world.
Our philosophy, known as the Reggio Emilia approach, begins with a child’s own unique learning journey.
Here, your child will explore new questions, become more creative, and experience learning in a supportive web of relationships.

Our Future Home

Kindergarten Homebase with Three Connected Learning Studios
4th Grade Homebase with Three Connected Learning Studios
Gathering Plaza and Wonder Laboratory
Our Future Home with Roof Top Sports Plaza

Our Future Home

  • Kindergarten Homebase with Three Connected Learning Studios
  • 4th Grade Homebase with Three Connected Learning Studios
  • Gathering Plaza and Wonder Laboratory
  • Our Future Home with Roof Top Sports Plaza


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  • Flavia Nelson


  • A 375 SW 15th Rd, Miami, FL 33129
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