Innovative Design

KLA Academy is unlike any other school in the region,

a place whose learning studios and wonder labs are designed to match the different stages

of youth development.

Our students

feel challenged and supported to express their emerging sense of self.

Our approach

is fueled by each child’s innate creativity and capacity for wonder.

Our community

prepares children with the knowledge they need to succeed, and supports their growth as kind, empathetic, resilient citizens of the world.

Our philosophy

which derives from the pioneering work of educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy, begins with a child’s own unique learning journey.

Our philosophy is a comprehensive strategy

for learning and child development that is grounded in decades of research, science and design.

Our curriculum is based on extensive research and understanding of the role of the child in their development and growth.

It allows us to provide a flexible, differentiated education that provokes inquiry, active learning, collaborative work, and problem-solving skills. Children will be exposed to hands-on experiences that promote critical thinking and the elaboration of theories, which will lead to authentic research and investigation.

Here, your child will explore new questions, become more creative, and experience learning in a supportive web of relationships.

A KLA Student is