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Student Life

5th grade girls during recess at playground

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At KLA Academy, social-emotional development is at the core of our program’s foundation. Here, students expand their creativity and capacity for wonder, develop independence and autonomy, and build a sense of community and belonging. 

Our school supports children as they discover themselves and understand the world around them. Our pathway from preschool to grade five develops children into the dynamic thinkers, creative collaborators, and motivated learners the world needs.

Experience a "day in the life" of an Elementary student at KLA Academy via the interactive photo gallery below! 

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Day in the Life

CONNECT Arrival & Morning Meeting
Morning meeting

After arrival, Morning Meeting sets the tone for the day and gives students a consistent time and place to explore and practice social-emotional skills and academic learning. Each meeting consists of greeting, sharing, a group activity, and the morning message. Morning Meeting helps to build a positive classroom community by aiming to nurture a sense of belonging, significance, and fun. 

COMMUNICATE Reading and Writing Workshop
two 5th graders conferencing as they write

Our approach to teaching reading and writing is a workshop model, where the teacher models a new skill and/or strategy in a mini-lesson. Students have an opportunity to actively engage with this new skill and/or strategy before going off to work independently. The majority of the workshop is for independent reading or writing. During this time, students engage in one-on-one conferences with the teacher, peer conferences, or small group work, such as book clubs. Students set goals and take charge of their learning!

PLAY Recess
fifth grade girls smiling during recess

Each day, students enjoy time outside for recess. Students play on our rooftop sports complex, campus playground, or nearby Triangle Park.

MOVE Physical Education
5th grade students playing handball during PE

Elementary students partake in Physical Education daily – with Martial Arts class taught once a week by our Karate Sensei. We promote the importance of personal and group safety during physical activities, and discuss the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. Children use their imagination to explore athletic abilities while practicing problem-solving skills. Students enjoy designing new recreational activities, sports, and games with their classmates and coaches.

second graders doing math with manipulatives on the floor

In math class, students are introduced to a task or a problem and invited to solve the task in different ways. Varied solution methods include concrete, pictorial, and abstract stages. It is important for students to engage in dialogue about their mathematical thinking and to have opportunities to explore new concepts in hands-on ways. They document their thinking in math journal entries and continue solidifying their skills with guided and independent practice.

RESEARCH Investigations
group of fifth graders cutting out pictures for poster

We employ an interdisciplinary approach to learning science and social studies through hands-on investigations. Students use inquiry skills to research and analyze new concepts, and apply critical thinking skills to what they’ve learned, expressing this learning in projects that incorporate student choice. 

FUEL Lunch
students eating lunch in cafeteria

All students from PK2 through 5th Grade participate in KLA Academy’s on-campus dining program, provided by FLIK Independent School Dining. FLIK’s mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious meals that fuel the minds of our community each day. Our fresh and balanced menus are flexible, age appropriate, and customized for a wide range of allergies and dietary restrictions. We have an on-site Chef who is supported by a Dietitian from the FLIK network. Each day we offer a hot entrée (protein and two sides), a vegetarian entrée, fresh salads and sandwiches, as well as nibbles such as fresh fruit, raw veggies, and cheese.

EXPLORE Enrichment Class
ensemble in 5th grade music class

Enrichment Program classes are an essential part of a KLA Academy education. Offered as part of our curriculum during the academic day, students partake in Athletics & Wellness, Art Atelier, Music, and Spanish classes on rotation throughout the week in small groups.

UNWIND Quiet Time
student alone writing

Quiet Time is a period right after lunch or recess where students engage in a silent, independent activity of their choice for 10-15 minutes. Quiet time helps students transition from the socially charged excitement of lunch and recess back into the calm of the classroom. It’s a moment to rest, recharge, and refocus for the learning ahead.

REFLECT Closing Circle
Closing circle

Closing Circle helps bring about a positive end to each day. Just 5-10 minutes long, Closing Circle consists of a short activity or reflection. After sharing together, we transition to dismissal for our goodbyes.