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Early Childhood

prek4 female student writing with pencil on desk

The world is filled with things to discover in our Early Childhood programs, where vibrant experiences fascinate and inspire our youngest learners, from Baby Nido through PreK-4.  

This is a time of unique moments and developmental milestones – a time when your child needs positive, nurturing interactions as well as rich, purposeful learning opportunities. KLA Academy's child-centered approach to education encourages young children to explore, think, and play as they develop the powerful tools they need for lifelong learning.

Preschool Programs


What do you love about KLA Academy?

There are a million reasons to love being a student at KLA Academy! Here are just a few from some of our Preschool students. For daily stories and updates from our students and community, follow us on Instagram


Books! Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Horsey!

- Emma, Nido


I like playing with toys. I like playing with Alexander. 

- Casandra, Pre-K2


I do many fun things at school. I go to the playground. In Atelier class, I draw. 

- Oliver, Pre-K3


I love doing shows in the theater and going on stage. I like the rooftop and the playground, too. 

- Maximos, Pre-K4