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This is School, Reimagined.

Amazing things happen when every school day is structured to support the learning and growth of each student.

New ideas come alive. Personalities and passions emerge. School becomes a place that helps children discover themselves and understand the world around them. 

For more than a decade, KLA has modeled this proven, beloved philosophy of teaching. Our pathway from preschool to grade five develops children into the dynamic thinkers, creative collaborators, and motivated learners the world needs. 

teacher and kindergartener sitting on floor doing a high five after finishing a project


Designed for the way children learn best

Our programs are rooted in the Reggio Emilia Approach, an educational framework that offers children endless possibilities and opportunities to be in charge of their own learning. 


Learning is vibrant and visible

In the KLA Academy classroom, your child's work, ideas, and thoughtful interactions are collected and displayed to help students (and teachers!) reflect on the learning experience. This documentation is key to the Reggio Emilia Approach and supports purposeful learning.

documentation on wall


Classroom spaces invite creation

We consider the classroom - and the intentionally curated materials within - to be the "third teacher." Our spaces empower students to act on their curiosity, prompting critical thinking, collaboration, and collective communication.

preschool classroom


Experiences provoke thoughts, ideas, and actions

Every question or experience is an opportunity for provocation in the KLA Academy classroom. Teachers encourage students to exchange stories, ideas, and theories, creating endless possibilities for students to think about, explore, and make sense of their surroundings.

2nd grader using charcoal to draw hurricane