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Upper Elementary

5th graders reading books out loud

In grades 3-5, KLA Academy students actively engage in learning new, increasingly complex skills and strategies, celebrating mistakes as learning opportunities while developing their independence.

You will see a difference in your Upper Elementary student as they deepen their knowledge and prepare for Middle School. With social-emotional development as the program’s foundation, students expand their creativity and capacity for wonder, develop independence and autonomy, and build a sense of community and belonging.

Upper Elementary Programs

The Workshop Model: Reading, Writing & Math

The Workshop Model is a teaching structure that asks elementary students to take charge of their own learning, becoming active and deeply engaged in their work and development of understanding.  This approach allows teachers to provide a balance between explicit instruction and exploration of possibilities that are presented.

This model promotes deeper understanding, providing differentiated support individually, within small groups and as a whole class.  This level of engagement via the workshop model ensures students are actively learning the skills, strategies and concepts they need to master throughout the year.

5th grader writing in notebook

What do you love about KLA Academy?

There are a million reasons to love being a student at KLA Academy! Here are just a few from some of our Upper Elementary students. For daily stories and updates from our students and community, follow us on Instagram

Third Grade

One thing that I love is that KLA Academy makes me feel very welcome and loved.

- Alana, 3rd Grade

Fourth Grade

My favorite subject at KLA Academy is Investigations because we get to research using computers and concentrate on one project. I just love it!

- Nicolas, 4th Grade

Fifth Grade

At KLA Academy I can be myself. We have big spaces to learn and be creative. The teachers are gentle and here, we learn from our mistakes. 

- Siena, 5th Grade

Fifth Grade

KLA Academy is a unique school. I can express my ideas and have a voice in class. The teachers make sure you really understand the work. Plus, the food is great!

-Tumaini, 5th Grade