About KLA Academy

KLA Academy was founded in Miami by Roberto & Candy Ortega.

The Ortega’s founded KLA Schools, a network of Reggio Emilia-inspired preschools in 2008 and expanded into elementary education shortly after. KLA’s flagship preschool and elementary have been mainstays in the Brickell community for many years, and when the school community outgrew their building, the dream of KLA Academy was born.

KLA Academy was founded in Miami by Roberto & Candy Ortega. It is powered by KLA Schools, a pioneering network of Reggio Emilia-inspired preschools that have since expanded into elementary education. An important concept in Reggio Emilia is that the environment is the “third teacher” and Candy and Roberto built KLA Schools with the understanding that the child’s environment plays a prominent role in their development.

As a result, everything at KLA Academy – from our outdoor spaces to our indoor classrooms — honors this concept. This means that KLA Academy isn’t just the building where children come each day, and it isn’t just an educational philosophy; it’s a holistic program that results in successful, well-rounded students who are prepared to face an ever-changing world.

Our Vision

One day, every school will be designed to prepare children for the unique challenges of their future as opposed to the familiar problems of our past.

Our Mission

Every day, we actively seek to uncover, recover, and discover the unique gifts and talents that each child possesses, in order to develop young children into the compassionate, curious, conscientious adults the world needs more of.

Our Purpose

To reimagine the structure and purpose of school for a rapidly changing world, where children find and use their own power to develop into thoughtful, caring, and curious young people.