Vibrant Learning

Every day at KLA Academy, we actively seek to uncover, recover, and discover the unique gifts and talents that each child possesses, in order to develop young children into the compassionate, curious, conscientious adults the world needs.

To support the learning and growth of each student, we have crafted a program that is:


So that children can discover something new about themselves, one another, and the wider world.


so that new ideas can come alive through our active participation and search for meaning.


So that what we learn is always in service of helping us understand ourselves and our place in the world.


So that school becomes the place that shapes our ability to change, and expands our willingness to try new things.


So that our learning experiences can affect the world we inhabit as much as they affect us as individuals.

Because of our approach,


develop their natural capabilities to think innovatively, learn critically, act empathetically, and live respectfully in a diverse and inclusive environment.


have the time, support and expertise to meet each child’s unique learning profile.


are welcomed as active partners in ensuring the success and development of each child’s learning and growth.