Where we learn

KLA Academy is a school whose learning studios, wonder labs, and willingness to embrace the many wonders of the natural world are all structured to match the different stages of child development, making our campus a global model of innovative learning design.

Each learning studio is designed to align with the different developmental stages of childhood.

For our infants, that means discovering oneself in the wider world.

For our toddlers, it means fostering group collaboration and healthy relationships.

And for our older children, it means having the chance to toggle between independence and group work, and between leading and listening.

Our spaces are intentionally curated to invite your child into the act of creation.

Here, both young and old are wondering daily about the properties of the universe, the beauty and science of light, the physics of motion, and one’s place in a wider community of friends, classmates and role models.

This is what it means to experience education for the developing child.