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Our Story

faculty and staff of kla academy standing in front of campus, waiving

What if school was designed to prepare children for the unique challenges of the future, rather than the familiar problems of the past?

That’s the question that inspired Roberto and Candy Ortega to found KLA Academy, the flagship preschool-grade five school powered by their network of Reggio Emilia-inspired KLA Schools. 

The Ortegas envisioned a school grounded in research yet flexible and child-centered; a place where learning aligns with different stages of child development in order to grow kind, empathetic, resilient citizens of the world. 

This is that school. More than a state-of-the-art building, more than a pioneering educational philosophy, KLA Academy is a holistic program that inspires students to become dynamic thinkers, creative collaborators, and motivated learners who follow their passions to remarkable futures. 

This is Purpose, Pursued.  

Founders Roberto and Candy Ortega are pictured, alongside their three children.

In 2008, KLA Academy started as a small preschool in Brickell. There was such a demand for a continuation of our program, that in 2017, we expanded into elementary years. We opened one grade per year and by 2022, we graduated our first-ever 5th Grade class. I couldn't be prouder of how far we've come!Candy Ortega, Founder, KLA Academy and KLA Schools

Our History: A Timeline

2008: KLA Schools opens
original, newly constructed kla campus

In 2008, KLA Schools of Brickell opened its doors (preschool). 

2018: New campus groundbreaking
kla academy students holding sign with plans for future campus

In 2018, KLA Academy students and community members celebrated the groundbreaking of our new campus. 

2019: Students visit construction site
founder students visit kla academy's new campus under construction

Elementary students visit the new campus construction site.

2021: Construction continues
kla academy campus under construction

Construction continues on the new KLA Academy campus. 

2022: Goodbye, old campus!
founder and founding teachers by old kla academy campus

In December 2022, KLA Academy's founding director and founding directors said goodbye to the old KLA Academy campus. 

2022: Aerial view of campus
kla academy new campus in the heart of brickell

In January 2022, KLA Academy welcomed our first students to our new 131,000 square foot campus. Our location is centrally located in the heart of Brickell.

2022: New campus opens
outside street view shot of kla academy campus

In December 2022, the new KLA Academy campus opened its doors.